Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Symposium: Picasso and Chicago | The Art Institute of Chicago

Symposium: Picasso and Chicago | The Art Institute of Chicago
Picasso and Chicago celebrates the special hundred-year relationship of Pablo Picasso and the city of Chicago and the storied moments of overlap between the preeminent artist's career and the growth of modern art in the city. This symposium will focus on three of the most significant moments in this intertwined history. Michael FitzGerald, Professor of Fine Arts at Trinity College, will speak on the 1913 Armory Show, the first time Picasso's work was on view in an American museum (at the Art Institute). Janine Mileaf, Director of the Arts Club of Chicago, will explore the 1923 presentation of his drawings by the Arts Club, Picasso's first solo exhibition in the U.S. outside a commercial gallery. Diana Widmaier Picasso, independent art historian, will speak on Picasso's 1967 sculpture in Daley Plaza, the artist's first monumental sculpture.
Michael FitzGerald, Trinity College
Janine Mileaf, Arts Club of Chicago
Diana Widmaier Picasso, art historian
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Pablo Picasso. Maquette for Richard J. Daley Center Monument, 1965. Gift of Pablo Picasso. 1966.379.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Introduction: Art Institute Centennial of the Armory Exhibit 1913-2013

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the International Exhibition of Modern Art, better known today as the Armory Show. A landmark event in the history of art, this monumental exhibition showcased the works of the most radical European artists of the day alongside those of their progressive American contemporaries. Presented differently at each of its three venues—New York (69th Regiment Armory, February 17–March 15), Chicago (Art Institute of Chicago, March 24–April 16), and Boston (Copley Society, April 23–May 14)—the exhibition introduced a broad spectrum of the American public to the visual language of European modernism, forever changing the aesthetic landscape for American artists, collectors, critics, and arts institutions.
The Art Institute of Chicago enjoys the unique distinction of having been the only art museum to host the Armory Show during its tour of the United States. As such, it was also the first museum to exhibit the works of modern artists including Constantin Brâncusi, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso. This site explores the organization, presentation, reception, and impact of the Armory Show in Chicago and celebrates the city's important place in the early history of modern art in America.